In a democratic state under the rule of law, where civil rights and freedoms are protected, there are situations in which two or more parties express different positions and are unwilling to accept the position of the other party. This is a dispute that can be resolved through a series of factual and legal actions, mediation or negotiation aimed at an out-of-court settlement or proceedings following a court judgment. Sometimes the parties have no choice but to assert their rights in court or before law enforcement authorities. Specializing in legal representation, we boldly and effectively defend our clients, in criminal and criminal-fiscal cases with a particular focus on executive and alleged economic crimes including official crimes, at every stage of the proceedings.  

As part of our law firm’s dispute resolution and legal representation services, we offer:

  • defense in criminal proceedings through the stages of pre-trial and court proceedings
  • analysis and evaluation of the client’s procedural situation in criminal, civil, economic, sports or family cases
  • conducting litigations on behalf of the client in civil, business and family courts
  • conducting litigations on behalf of the client before sports association bodies, the Polish Olympic Committee (PKOL) and international arbitration bodies within the framework of sports law
  • conducting negotiations on behalf of the client in the field of civil and business law