Dynamic socio-economic changes and, above all, constant changes in the applicable laws have a direct impact on the efficiency and sense of security in business. Regardless of the scale of our clients’ activities or legal structure, we support them in their daily activities, often taking on the burden of solving complex legal problems. Excellent knowledge of procedures, many years of experience in the field of economic turnover and an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of many legal problems, predisposes our team to provide legal assistance in the day-to-day activities of our clients and to handle complex economic processes. Growing legal awareness is making not only companies use our services, but also individuals. We have many years of experience in providing day-to-day services to the largest private as well as state-owned companies, which are leaders in their industries such as energy, construction, chemical industry, critical infrastructure, and cyber security. For many years, we have participated in the legal support of strategic infrastructure investments, both on the investor side and on the execution side. We cooperate with top-class specialists in their respective fields of science and economy. 

As part of our activities, we deal with:

  • comprehensive legal services for individuals, companies and corporations
  • conducting negotiations, drafting contracts and supervising their execution
  • representation before administrative and tax authorities
  • preparation of transactions related to transformations of legal structure changes in ownership structure and acquisitions of other entities, including conducting legal audits and drafting necessary transaction documentation and agreements
  • providing services for the office of the management of capital companies, participation in meetings of the bodies of capital companies and preparation of draft minutes and resolutions of the bodies and putting documents required for registration of changes in the National Court Register